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March 4, 2006

Uncle Marks Wild & Tangy Chili for you and your pals!
Things you will need

  1. 1 – ½  # of course ground meat
  2. 1 can tomato paste
  3. 1 can of stewed tomato’s or 3-4 fresh tomatoes
  4. 1 stick of unsalted butter
  5. 4-5 chills (How hot? That’s up to you!)
  6. 1 large white onion
  7. 1-2 cloves of garlic
  8. 1 can (or box) of vegetable stock
  9. 1 package of cream cheese
  10. 1 bottle of liquid smoke (any kind, personally I’d go for the cheapest!)
  11. 1 slow cooker (optional but, easier for a lazy guy like me!)
  12. 1 box of bisquick or knock-off brand
  13. 1 bottle of extra virgin olive oil
  14. 1 bag of 5-bean soup
  15. 1 medium green peeper (or pepper, its up to you)
  16. 1 can / box or whatever of: Cajun spice
  17. Salt and Pepper
  18. 12 cast iron skillet
  19. Optional: 1 six pack of your favorite beer. (For medicinal purposes only in case you burn yourself)

Here we go!Cooknin with yer Uncle Mark

  1. Heat your cast iron skillet to medium hot
  2. Add ¼ of the butter & 4-5 table spoons of the olive oil, dash of salt and pepper
  3. Next: Add the course ground meat & mix then cover with a splatter guard. (Oh I didn’t tell ya? (Hot oil + Cold meat = splatter? Doe!)
  4. On the stove: Take the washed 5-bean package. (Hum… You did rinse the beans right? Your not gunna trust the producer to do this for you are you?)
  5. Add the “clean” beans to the pot and cover with water. (How much?) Just cover them so that: the water covers your beans by 2 or 3”
  6. Turn up the heat on the beans and let them cook for at least 2 hours (After they begin to boil reduce the heat to a simmer.)
  7. In the meantime: Dice up the onion, pepper, garlic & hot chills and toss into the cooking meat. (Remember to remove the splatter guard first!) Brown the meat with the; onions, chills and peppers
  8. Plug in your slow cooker OR fire up the front left burner to medium / hot place the soup pot on the burner OR just plug in the crock-pot and set to medium / high (hot is fine).
  9. Add the can / box of vegetable stock and add 1 tablespoon of the liquid smoke, tomato paste and stewed tomatoes. (If you opted to use “fresh” tomatoes then you can skip step #10 because you have to prepare them then add them to the pot!)
  10. Have a cold one
  11. By now the meat is finished and ready for the Cajun spice so: Remove the meat from the heat, add your spice to taste, add remaining butter and mix then set aside. (Don’t forget to remove the paper from the butter)
  12. Have another cold one.
  13. Check the beans. How are they doing? How can your tell? Just ask them!
  14. Once the beans are soft (no need to be tender or mushy!)  Add 1 package of cream cheese to the meat mix a bit.
  15. Drain the beans add to crock-pot then add the meat & ½ table spoon of liquid smoke and 1 tablespoon of sugar. (Look I didn’t tell you need sugar because I know you have it close by. NO? Well then you can use honey)
  16. Cook slowly for 2-5 hours.
  17. Test the beans for softness. If they are tender go to next step
  18. Mix the bisquick according to the directions for drop biscuits and add to the pot & cook until they are done!

Serving suggestion: Scoop the hot chili into a good size bowl and sprinkle with graded FRESH Parmesan cheese.Good eaten! Uncle Mark! (Printed from Uncle Marks’ Wild and Free Recipe site)


So what’s new with yer Uncle Mark any-who?

March 3, 2006

Uncle Marks . COM!So what’s new with yer Uncle Mark any-who?

My web-guy gave me this program to update my BLOG (I guess, you use capitalization for the acronym) but, who cares!

We are updating our web site this month and I have to tell you it’s a real mess as of today! (Did you notice I said ‘we’ as if I am designing anything on my own! but you gotta admit, it sounds good!)

Not to worry, our web-guy says that: We will have plenty of useful stuff for all of our visitors and of course, it’s all free!

Like what you ask? Well, stuff like free games for starters!

Why games first? Simple, I like them!

I told our web-fellow to post the top rated games for you (and me) so how’s that for news!

OK so it’s not some earth shattering news but, were working on making our site as useful as can be for free or darn near!

That’s all for now! Check back often (no kidding! We are workin on the site just bout every day!

Signed, Yer Uncle Mark!