Ahh, Spring Turkey Season!

March 5, 2006

22 Pound TomWell folks here in MI spring turkey season is just around the corner! 

Yahoo I can’t wait! 

Last year at my brothers place near Oxford, MI: We had a picture perfect hunt (too bad I didn’t have my video camera but..) Not this year! No sir-re bob! I’ll have it near by and if successful or not: I’ll post it on my website http://unclemarks.com 

There is nothing like calling up a mess of tom turkeys, early morning in the hardwoods! 

Last year, my brother called for me and I gotta tell ya that: he produced the most ‘attractive’ hen call cause; he called a 22# that came runnin in from across the rye field & up a hill to see the sexy lady that was callin fer her man! Not only that, after the deed was done: 10 more came in at a close second after the blast that echoed over the valley for what seemed like an eternity! 

This year, turkey or not.. It’s just great to be out there! Bytheway, this year will be a family occasion as my nephew will get his crack at his first turkey hunt! 

To all that hunt or just love being in Gods great outdoors: Good luck! 

See you round the campfire! 

Signed yer, Uncle Mark