Anyone can make a sale on eBay, but not everyone can make a business out of it, but..

March 4, 2006

“Anyone can make a sale on eBay, but not everyone can make a business out of it.

Click on the image above to find out how we can help.”

That’s what the advertisement said and so I did and guess what? Yup, I paid and I even sold a few things on eBay. So you’re saying ‘so what’ and ‘why are you posting this?’  Well I’m gunna tell ya: The bottom line is: Yes, you can make money by using a drop shipper however:

“You probably will not make money in fact: You will “lose money over the long run” is the REAL answer!

Are you surprised? Maybe not, but many people shell out their hard earned money (Yup, I did it to!) and followed the directions to a tee and wound up loosing on the deal!

I even went as far as buying a traffic submission URL to promote the site and did get a few customers but all in all folks:
Don’t bother to try this offer unless:
  1. You’re willing to work at it every day for at lest 4-6 hours and even though you don’t have to know HTML it helps!
  2. You have enough cash to do the following:
  3. Have a merchant account at one or more of the following sites: eBay, Yahoo, Goggle and or Amazon AND
  4. Have enough time to post the auctions or ‘buy-it-now’ sales AND
  5. Have a computer that will allow you to access your auctions, no matter where you are because:
  6. Your customers want an answer ‘now’ (Thanks to the WWW and ‘instant gratification’ mentality).
  7. You have the time to follow up with them; during, midway and AFTER the sale.
  8. You have a proven sales site for email for: Front-end and back-end sales.
Sadly, most of the above are ‘known’ methods and is a simple outline for proposed future and post sales by the ‘experts’
It has been said: “Those who can not teach, and those who can sell.” This doesn’t mean you can’t or that you are a lesser individual because: you could not do one or the other NO! Unfortunately for me, it took me a while to figure out the above. Nevertheless: I believe that this is information worth sharing any-who and if you make money using the method above; I’d be interested in how you are doing it today, in the real word and are not simply selling: Sales letters, recorded ‘secrets to success’ or using a computer generated money making plan via artificial intelligence etc.      

Feel free to post them here however: Be forewarned that we’ve seen them all and most likely your super money making idea is a variation of the industries on-line business at large today!

See you round the campfire!


Yer Uncle Mark