About Yer Uncle Mark!

Me at my bestDoesn’t matter if it’s; bike riding, swimming, snow mobile!

You get the idea!

Send in your favorite story of your greatest adventure.

The recipes on this site are: Easy, fast and taste great! Heck, you can even laugh a little while your cooking! How bout that?

Doesn’t matter if your: 10 or 110, you can make these fine fixens in your home kitchen!

You don’t have to say “Bamb” or “Kick it up a notch”..

You can have some fun on yer Uncle Marks’ Web site, and if you have a hankering:

See you round the Campfire!

Signed yer Uncle Mark!

Disclaimer: You: The end user / visitor is responsible for; reading all related material for all items that are; downloaded, purchased, free Or otherwise. Translation: Don’t download it or buy it or use it until: You are sure you can use the item or items; bought, freely distributed on or off-site via links posted etc. Until: You are sure it will be; delivered, sent and or is compatible with your situation, condition and bla, bla..

Geesh, I hate to post this stuff but hey, I guess I gotta!


Signed, Yer Uncle Mark!



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