So what’s new with yer Uncle Mark any-who?

Uncle Marks . COM!So what’s new with yer Uncle Mark any-who?

My web-guy gave me this program to update my BLOG (I guess, you use capitalization for the acronym) but, who cares!

We are updating our web site this month and I have to tell you it’s a real mess as of today! (Did you notice I said ‘we’ as if I am designing anything on my own! but you gotta admit, it sounds good!)

Not to worry, our web-guy says that: We will have plenty of useful stuff for all of our visitors and of course, it’s all free!

Like what you ask? Well, stuff like free games for starters!

Why games first? Simple, I like them!

I told our web-fellow to post the top rated games for you (and me) so how’s that for news!

OK so it’s not some earth shattering news but, were working on making our site as useful as can be for free or darn near!

That’s all for now! Check back often (no kidding! We are workin on the site just bout every day!

Signed, Yer Uncle Mark!


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